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Alex 2 Wheel Medium Expanding Rollercase

£39.00 £59.00

Lightweight and water-resistant, this suitcase features top and side handles for easy lifting and manoeuvring, as well as a Revelation combination padlock for security. It also has internal and external pockets which are great for getting your luggage organised, while side foot studs help provide some balance. 

Lightweight – This not only makes the suitcase easy to manoeuvre, but it accounts for less weight when your baggage is weighed at the airport.

Internal and external pockets – These are ideal for organisation.

Expandable – When you have some extra luggage you can’t quite fit in, simply expand the suitcase to gain extra room.

Water-resistant material – Even if it’s raining, your soft suitcase won’t get damaged.

H66 x W44 x D27cm