Shopping Local and Supporting Independent Businesses

Imagine what your town centres/Main streets would look like without any small local businesses ........What would we have left?........nothing? They would be ghost towns, dull, boring and depressing!

So how much impact does a small local business have on our economy???

As a small, local, independent company we know we are the backbone of our economy and shopping locally and supporting shops like us is actually better for the economy! This is the interesting bit...Research shows that if we spend £10 in an independent shop, £50 goes back into local economy and this is simply because the nearby shop owners who you spend your money with will then put that money back into your local community by going into local pubs, restaurants, shops etc, which allows the money to circulate and allows your community to thrive, so that £10 goes a long way to help!! 

Shopping online is now what most people prefer to do because they think they are getting a big bargain that seems too good to be true while they are sitting in the comfort of their home. Well, that's not always true! Most local shops have the same deal or sometimes even better so before you shop online, check what your local stores have to offer. We have an online store to support our shop and each deal we have in store we make sure is presented online to match. 

Most high streets and town centres have character and a uniqueness with quirky little cafes, gift shops and clothes shops which attract tourists as well. Being in Milngavie, we have the start of the West Highland Way on our door step which is a huge attraction that we benefit from. The Precinct is full of independent shops with colourful shop fronts which make the town centre very inviting especially at Christmas time when each shop front has lights and colourful decorations! Each year we have a tree competition and we decorate our own little Christmas tree for outside our shops. It creates such a buzz!!! And we always have customers compliment our creative work! 

So here's a cheery thought...... Would you want to support your local community and help keep it alive or turn it into something like a scene from The Walking Dead?? 



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